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06 July 2012



You can do it! I love the change in my body since I went organic and 51% raw. You will get to the point that your body will revolt against anything that isn't bought exclusively from the perimeter of the store and you will look at all of the aisles of box food preppers as mere mortals. The first 6 weeks are tough, you will want to drive into MCDs for those fries... at about 6 weeks I would tell you go go ahead and stop, your stomach will remind you of why you were so happy to give them up!! You can do this and now I have someone else to be a healthy foodie in VEGAS!


I tried to subscribe but it isn't working.

To the Nth

Your meal plan sounds unspeakably delicious! I'll be right over, so fix an extra plate (especially of anything that includes sweet potatoes) for me, okay? ;-)

Guard Wife

Oh, boo, Tami! Let me fiddle with it and see what's the matter. I don't really understand all the fancy stuff...but I'll try!

Guard Wife

Okay. Not sure what this means, but maybe it will make sense to you if you're familiar with the feed reader thingie.

This is what it says about the blog feed link:

Displays a link to the feed for your blog. The link reads "Subscribe to this blog's feed." The feed URL is not designed to be read in a browser window. If you click on the link you may be prompted to download the feed file or the display will show the code of the feed. Instead, you will want to add the URL to feed reader by right clicking the link and copying the link location.

Kenneth Delay

Change for the better is a really a good idea. It is hard to change our lifestyle especially if there are things that we are used to it.


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I bought a box of fruta planta about a month a go i consider it as directed and that i am also in a diet and exercise. i checked if they were the original ones and they are. i did not get any side effect but i see that folks have list 20-30 lbs per month and that i only have shed 6lbs =(… i wanted to know if i am doing something wrong or what i'm able to do to lose more weight… i have a 30lbs pounds eliminate goal by may… some 1 please help me!! Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsule http://www.361slimcapsule.com/natural-lida-diet-pills-p-6.html

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