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19 July 2012


Marlene O

Sounds to me like you got a heck of a lot done, taking working into account too! And the clothes sorting job is never a fun or quick job-well done.
I couldn't help but sit up at the mention of you reading The Barefoot executive. It was one of the books in the line up on yesterday's Book Report radio show. When they played a snippet out of the audiobook, I thought it sounded like a must (if anyone wants to take a listen, you can find the schedule and stations on their site- bookreportradio(dot)com). Will be honest, a couple of others also caught my attention, and with limited time on my hands, I need to be selective. So my question to you is, are you enjoying the book, and does it seem like it will be of practical help? Some feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Good luck with the jogging! :p

Guard Wife

Hi, Marlene!
I am so sorry this comment didn't come into my hopper for me to know it was here--grrr. I don't like when that happens!

I hope, by now, that you've added the Barefoot Executive to your collection & read it. It was an amazingly thought provoking book for me as I contemplate ways to build income either through my direct marketing business or through my past experiences & talents.

It was especially exciting for me to use Twitter to communicate with the book's author which culminated in her giving me a shout out from the stage of our company's annual convention in Las Vegas. :) That was super cool!

Gullie Polly

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