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07 May 2012



OW OW OW. HUGE congratulations though.

I've never done such a feat on my own two feet, but know a wee bit of the sense of "toughed it out" getting a horse through a ride when things went south it it took the entire allotted time to finish and I had to get off and lead them through a few downhills or tail up a hill or 2 to 'GitRdone'

Guard Wife

That rocks! Horses and I have a love-hate relationship. I love them. They, however, kind of are indifferent toward me or treat me with barely masked amusement. I don't think I take enough control with a horse (b/c I see them as such majestic animals) which means they kind of run a bit wild and do their own thing with me. You have my shock and awe. :)

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