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20 August 2009


Some Soldier's Mom

you know, I got tears in my eyes the minute I read this. I am going over to tell her myself how happy we are for all of them! she is going to be a GREAT mom!!

Suzanne B

I was once on the same journey, except I am a fragile x carrier. It was a frightful time, I found it very challenging to trust in the Lord. But He is faithful (even when I wasn't). And I have a non-affected 7 year old boy to show.
I am so happy for her GREAT news.

stacy lee

Oh my gosh. That is wonderful news. I will be so glad when we find out in a couple of weeks what the sex is our our little one.


Good job summing up the translocations! I have lived and breathed it for a while and take it for granted that all my friends understand it too...until someone goes "So you have a 1% chance of the baby dying, right?" and I realize they haven't understood it at all!

But you did!

Thanks for being there with me. I told my parents last night that you got this look on your face like "Oh crap, I am not ready for this responsibility!" when you realized what the phonecall was about, and my dad said, "Yeah, um, your mom and I weren't really ready for it either!"

Guard Wife

Oh, honey. I was scoping the exits, etc. b/c if we needed to make a hasty retreat (I really didn't think we would, but my husband trains me for such possibilities), I was ready. 1) Grab purses; 2) keep hold of Sarah's hand; 3) grab handful of napkins; 4) head for car.

I was much happier bouncing up and down in my seat, crying happy tears and clapping like a seal. LOL


Hello, Im a lurker here on your blog, and on Sarahs blog, as well as a few others (AWTM, Army of Mom and Learning to Live), and have followed you guys for a few years now. These blogs have meant a lot to me, as a newer milspouse and mom, and I've learned a lot from you all over the years. But never have I had an experience like this one, of hurting for, praying for, and rejoicing over someone like I have for Sarah and baby Elway. Im so thankful that she (and you) have shared this with the world, through your blog. I would have never guessed that I could feel so much happiness and joy for people I've never met. I feel like I'm walking on air today, thrilled about a perfect, precious little baby girl. Today, life is sweet!

Guard Wife

Hey, Amanda! Welcome from Lurkdom. :) Thank you so much for your kind words! We are super excited too!



Your comment meant so much to me. After all this time and all this wondering if my blogging about this was the right thing to do, you made me feel so good by saying that.

Thank you for reading and thank you for cheering me on!


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