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04 October 2008



Gun shows are an interesting slice of America, aren't they? lol! My dh dragged me to a few when we were first married, and now that I've gotten over my fright I will voluntarily go on occasion...just for the cultural experience. Well, that and I go in the hope there will be gun dogs. If you ever get the chance to go to a Sportsmen's Expo, those really are a lot of fun and there's many more normal people (and women) there!


Wow, we did the same thing yesterday!
I went to the local show. I am leaning towards the Bersa Firestorm.
Can we go shooting the next time we hang out?


Gun shows, one of the most interesting places you can go in America...

also on that list of American curiosities

Waffle house

All good people and cultural meccas

Some Soldier's Mom

that Ruger (which is made in my town, btw) is the hottest thing going... they have already sold more than twice as many as they had planned -- and 75% have been sold to women! I love that gun and might buy it to add to my .22 long barrel S&W revolver and my 9mm Kahr (American made competitor to the Glock -- less jamming of the slide AND 1/3 less expensive!)

Guard Wife

The gun dealer said it's very, very popular & the only problem he knows of with it is that they don't make enough of them. :)


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