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04 October 2007



Those costumes are AWFUL. Not your kids, I mean, the whore of babylon get ups that some parents are buying.

I just don't get those parents. I don't.

Lemon Stand

A 'plethora' of usage examples... I bow before you oh Goddess of the English language. **grin**

Good thing you chose the right field to excel in.

As for costumes, I still make most of the kids costumes. I have been lucky in past years that this has never been a problem. This year, however, our eldest, who I taught to sew, wants to make an inappropriate costume. Want to guess one of the reasons for my high blood pressure this week?


Can't wait to see your daughters costumes. I'm really liking the vampire one. :o)


OK GW, I have been dying to do this post...

dying, but I swear you did it better than I could have...

why anyone would want to do this...


What a coincidence. Radio station here just did 2 hours on costumes for girls yesterday. Thankfully most of the reaction was just like mine and yours. Not a chance am I putting my daughter in most of those costumes. Send the wrong message entirely!

Managed to find a costume that made me think of Mulan in a ceremonial dress. My daughter will be covered from neck to toes and it is loose as well. Definitely not skin tight. Much better than all the costumes that make me think of the trashy stuff that Spears girl wears!

Of course, Halloween isn't my thing anyway . . .

Guard Wife

We may live around each other b/c a morning show I typically listen to talked about this as well & I realized they were referencing the advertisement I had in the car at the time. Made me realize I was NOT crazy. Also kept it on my mind long enough for me to blog about it.

stacy Lee

Glad I don't have a little one anymore to have to deal with this mess.

It was good to get to chat with you last night.


My oldest is 13 and we were just discussing costumes. I'm thinking she's too old to trick or treat, and when she told me about what her friends are dressing up as I think I'm going to stick with my no-trick-or-treating stance....


OMG, I started this on AWTM's blog and I was like Slutty Dorothy? You have to be kidding me...

But here I come over to read this and there it is! Why on earth would they turn a character from Wizard of Oz into this? And then the devil costumes?

It is shocking the clothing out for young girls now a days.

Some Soldier's Mom

what ever happened to an old pair of pants and flannel shirt, hobo beard with a burnt piece of cork?

or a sheet over your head with eye holes (ok, now over the neck with a white mask??)

crayola crayon?? (black leotard & tights and a piece of black rolled poster board for a body (and a cone of black construction paper on my head)...

an M&M?? stretched material around a hoola hoop to the neck... a television out of an out cardboard box with tin foil antennae?

and 5 of us went in black and white striped pj's (they were white flannel and we colored the stripes on with black markers) with a rope wrapped around us as a chain gang...

and my children were only allowed to trick or treat to age 13... although they went in street clothes the next year trick or treating for UNICEF (do they still do that??)


You said it perfectly!
I really don't understand what parents are thinking when they dress their little girls in outfits like these, costumes or everyday clothing. I did see the "red hot devil" costume on two 6 yr olds last year...disturbing.
I was lazy this year and ordered costumes from Disney. Roxie's Tinkerbell costume is a bit revealing, but she's spayed.


Guard Wife, could be! It was an afternoon show in the Rocky Mountain area. Had to shake my head at a few of the callers. Strange thing happened after that. Went to the mall after picking up a normal costume for my daughter. Stopped at Limited Too to find a few long sleeve shirts due to cold front coming in. Told my daughter that the halter dress showing all cleavage was not appropriate. Asst Manager opened her mouth and told MY daughter that she thought it would be a great dress for an 8 1/2 year old to wear!

I immediately got her attention and informed her that I am the parent and I am the one making the decisions as to what is or isn't appropriate for my daughter and that she was out of line. Not only that, but I have the money! She backed off REAL quick!

Guard Wife

Nope. Different radio program so it WAS a coincidence!

Good for you for telling the Asst. Manager to slow her roll. You're WAY more tactful than I. I only imagine my response would have been much less dignified.


Funny coincidence! I think it was the major glare accompanying my very cold tone of voice . . . hmmm maybe I should practice it more!

Oh BTW - try this website for costumes www.costumeexpress.com A lot of them are decent.

Same company that does that does birthday stuff www.birthdayexpress.com

Off to practice my glare!

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