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30 September 2007



Oh, that Oakland Airport thing is disgusting.

I'm not surprised, though. We lived there, and that was our airport of use. There is an overwhelming hatred of military there.

Aside from the swastika I got scratched in my car in San Ramon, we were also given a heads up by command NOT to drive on the highway during rush hour in uniform because people on the highway were having "issues" with military members.



I had to get a folder for all "of the paperwork" seriously.




ridiculous is right.

I think I filled out more paperwork this past month, than when we bought our house!

Guard Wife

I have folders for the paperwork as well. I had just placed M1's immunization records (b/c you know her being accepted at school doesn't give the Girl Scouts any indication of her immunization status) in the wrong one so I thought I needed to secure another copy. LIVID I was, but then I found them.


Being a Girl Scout leader, I hate asking for the paperwork...but I need it to send to council. I always keep a copy of the prior year's in case the parent needs it to refresh their memory.

When I first read about the "sunshine state" disrespecting the soldiers, I thought, what? not Florida...but read further and was sad to see California ...again. Disgusted, but not surprised. SoCal is more troop-supportive (except of course WestLA).

Guard Wife

California is the GOLDEN state, not the Sunshine State. I'm a moron.

And, I know leaders need the paperwork. I just get tired of filling it out. I need to figure out how to scan it all in so I can just print it out & turn it in each year.


Uh huh...one slip-up makes YOU a moron...I wonder what that makes me? Slip-ups are a constant for me :)
Hope you're feeling better after the rant.


I am shocked i say, SHOCKED that someone/group/location/business in California was rude to soldiers, Marines in this case. Think about it, places like San Fran are well know for there hate of all things military. I wish it was not so, but thats the way it is.



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