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08 August 2007



sounds like PMS MCN. We have had a terrible cae of this PMS thingy at my house this week...and just in time for DH's arrival home!

My kids need constant refereeing as well which makes me feel like a horrid parent...

what did I do wrong?

Butterfly Wife

OK. I put in my calendar to watch Damages next Tuesday. I'll let you know what I think.

David C

Kim Cameron, Microsoft's identity architect, makes some interesting points about just what these fingerprinting systems store, and how secure it needs to be kept.


My fingerprint for a pint of milk - or even some Camembert? I don't think so!!!

Guard Wife

Ok, AWTM...I think you probably caught me on that one.

And, BWife, if you can catch any of the repeats of the first 3 of Damages, it might be worth your while (although, hubs is kinda slow on TV shows & he watched this one & feels he's ok to go on).

Thanks for the link, David. I'm with you--they can keep their cheese!


Did you breathe at all while you typed? :)
I'll set the DVR for Damages now.
I hope some day my kids realize they are stuck with each other and stop bickering too. 3 1/2 weeks until school starts...they get along so much better when they don't see each other as much. The times they do play nicely together really melts my heart.

Guard Wife

Breathing is overrated, isn't it?? :) LOL

My kiddos should do better too once school starts, but I can't be sure. They are just drama queens, I believe.


Damages is a very good show, but I dont see how it can work past one season. Just my thinking from watching the first 3 shows. Still its fun to watch, and has a great cast.

When the kids I watch get out of hand, I just assume it is due to a hickory deficiency. Normally just saying that is enough to get them to quite fighting.

Guard Wife

I thought the same thing about Damages too (re: how can this last more than one season?) and am hoping if it's only one season it stays this good.

The cast is pretty amazing.

A 'hickory deficiency', huh? That's a good one!

Butterfly Wife

I watched part of Damages last night. Unfortunately, it required more attention than what I had available. I just don't think I have an attention span right now that will allow me to IM with husband, do work, IM with boss, and watch an in-depth TV show. Something has to give. I'll keep an eye out for re-runs though. What I did see looked intriguing.


completely understandable. I even DVR it while watching it in real time in case I zone out & need to rewind and watch it again.


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