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25 November 2008



income+less outgoing= WOOOHOOO!!!!! I am happy today was not as dreary as yesterday. I am going to try your lasagna. It looks and sounds yummy.


I read the first three paragraphs of this post a few hours ago and was scared to read any further. I've been worried about you, and I feared the worst.

Then I took the plunge just now and read the rest. I'm glad I was wrong. What a great day you had! Victories on every front. Congratulations!

So will you be working for the law school as well as the law firm? Sorry, I'm confused.

I think your current post title is fine. It could refer to an amazingly bad or good situation, and it doesn't give away the happy ending.


Yippee!!! Yippee!!! Yippee!!! on all fronts!

Great news to read this morning.

Happy Birthday to M1!!


Hats off to you - God is good! He waits until the week of Thanksgiving to bless your socks off!
Have a great week and enjoy.


Glad to hear that someone I know benefited from the $ the government pumped into the markets over the last day or so. Congrats!!


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